How to Use and Create a Venn Diagram to Help Compare that is write and Essays

Making a Venn Diagram

When working with a Venn diagram to write a compare and essay that is contrast first draw two big sectors. Those two groups should overlap one another. Assign a name to each circle that represents each idea you might be comparing. When you look at the area that is overlapping compose most of the items that the 2 tips, individuals, or things have as a common factor. These is going to be that which you make reference to if you are comparing these some ideas within the essay. Into the certain areas that aren't overlapping, compose every one of the distinctions, or contrasts, involving the two tips, things, or individuals.

Creating a plan from your own Diagram

A good example of the start of the outline for the compare and contrast essay should be much like:

1. Both turtles and kitties make good animals.

  • a. These two pets are entertaining.
  • b. Both pets are relatively simple to take care of.
  • c. Both animals are cheap to adopt and also to look after.

2. Both turtles and kitties have actually drawbacks.

  • a. Both pets have to have a cage (turtles) or a cat litter box (cats) which should be washed.
  • b. Both pets need time and attention.
  • c. Both pets could be high priced when it comes to veterinary care.

3. Kitties could be much easier to look after.

  • a. They could feed on their own so long as their meals dish stays filled.
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  • b. Kitties may be kept alone for the time or two.

4. Turtles are less messy.

  • a. Turtles live in a aquarium.
  • b. Turtles do not require a cat litter box.

Composing the Compare Essay

A assess essay will eventually follow this fundamental structure:

  • Introduction and Thesis Statement (one paragraph).
  • Topic One (one or more paragraph, could be more, speaking about just one of the basic tips, individuals, or objects being talked about in great information).
  • Topic Two (follows the exact same recommendations as subject one).
  • Topic One and Topic Two Together (evaluate both topics together, could be a number of paragraphs).
  • Conclusion (sum up the compare and contrast essay, should generalize the thesis and may reaffirm the thesis).

The initial paragraph associated with essay will likely be a basic paragraph. It will likewise incorporate the essay’s thesis statement. The paragraph that is first provide the initial contrast through the Venn diagram, the 2nd paragraph should provide the 2nd contrast through the Venn diagram, together with 3rd paragraph should provide the next contrast through the Venn diagram. If there are many more evaluations in the Venn diagram, more paragraphs could be added. The paragraph that is fourth provide the very first comparison through the Venn diagram. The paragraph that is fifth provide the 2nd comparison through the Venn diagram. The paragraph that is sixth provide the 3rd comparison through the Venn diagram. Such as the comparison, more comparison paragraphs could be added. The eighth paragraph should provide the evaluations and contrasts together.

The paragraph that is ninth provide the final outcome, generalization for the thesis, and reaffirmation associated with the thesis.


The Venn diagram should preferably include three evaluations and three contrasts. But, it should include at the least two evaluations and two contrasts. Whenever drawing the Venn diagram, the sectors must be large, to ensure that all information fits within them and of their overlap. As soon as all the info is written in the Venn diagram, it is a smart idea to help make each group an alternative color, plus the area that is overlap. Utilizing three colors to “separate” the given information makes a Venn diagram more straightforward to read.